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Mr. Vickstrom's Class
Our Daily Schedule

This is our daily schedule.  There are some minor changes based on the the times we have Art, Gym, Music, and Library.

8:45-9:15- Morning Excercises
              - Attendance, Lunch Count, Morning Work
9:20-11:10- Language Arts
11:15-12:05- Lunch/Recess
12:10-12:40-Language Arts
1:45-2:00-DEAR (Drop Everything And Read)
2:15-3:25-Science and Social Studies
3:25-3:35- Dismissal

Specials: Gym- Day 5-2:50-3:25 (Remember your sneakers!)
                  Art- Day 2-1:35-2:10
                  Music-Day 1-2:50-3:25 
                            Day 3-2:15-2:50
                  Library-Every other Day 4-1:00-1:30