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Mr. Vickstrom's Class
Pictures From Guinea


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Finally,  I've gotten around to posting some of my pictutres.  Hope you enjoy!!


Above: This is a picture of Erik and I sitting on the top of a waterfell in a village called Duki.  We spent almost a week hiking around in this beautiful area in North/Central Guinea.  It was like nothing I ever expected!
Below: This is one of the first views I saw on the first day of hiking.  Phenomenal!



Erik and Ousmane at a soccer game in Dinguraye.
Erik and I with Ousmane's family.



Ousmane's daughter, Binta.  Isn't she cute!!!


Above: This was our tour guide Hassan.  He is a very interesting and very daring man!
Below: This was the destination of one of our hikes with Hassan.  It is called "Bob Marley's Stage."  It is a rock ledge in the middle of a cliff that looks out over a valley.



This was from a soccer game between the team from Dinguraye (green) and Labe (white and blue).  It was a good game, but unfortunately the team from Labe was a little better.


A picture of the village of Dinguraye.  This was taken from a mountain right outside of town.


This is a picture of Dinguraye's Mosque.  The people in Guinea are predominantly Muslim.


This is on a picnic at a spot outside of Dinguraye called "Allah's Kolon," which tranlsated means "God's Well."


A picture of me with Ousmane, his wife Batouli, and Binta from our picnic at Allah's Kolon.


These are pictures from the top of the minaret oustide the mosque.  The bottom is a picture of the way up and down.  It was definitely scary!



Amadou Tijan, Ousmane's younger brother, teaching me how to make tea, Guinean style.


Binta and daddy!!

If you noticed that I seemed to be wearing the same clothes a lot, it is because my luggage was lost on the way over and I didn't get it until about three weeks later!